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Partner Institutions
Cooperative Partner of Massachusetts International Academy,USA
The Cooperative School of the Cambridge International Examinations,UK
Cooperative Partner of RMIT University Partner,Australia
The Cooperative School of the University of Wisconsin,US
The Cooperative School of the Edexcel,UK
The Sister School of the Queen of Peace High School,US
The Cooperative School of the Chonnam National University,Korea
The Sister School of the Rowland Hall,US
The Cooperative Base of the UNESCO Model United Nations Project
The Cooperative School of the Algonquin College,Canada
The Cooperative School of the Gannon University,US
The Enrollment Base of the Ewha Woman’s University,Korea
Accredited Partner of NCC Education,UK
Cooperative Partner of SHINJUKU Japanese Language Institute,Japan
The Cooperative School of the J.F.Oberlin University,Japan
Cooperative Partner of Kyonggi University,Korea
The Cooperative School of the Shinpo International Institute,Japan
Accredited Partner of ELS Language Center,US
Accredited Partner of Study Group,Australia
The Cooperative School of University of Greewich,UK
SAT Project Cooperative School of Revolution Prep.LLC,US
The Cooperative School of the South Korea cooperation project,the China Scholarship Council
The Cooperative School of Notre Dame High School,US
The Cooperative School of the Lester B.Pearson School Board,Canada
HFLS has worked diligently to establish a cooperative and respected network with world-renowned education groups and universities like ELS, Kaplan, Study Group, and Navitas. In March of 2017, the total number of partner institutions is 199, including 193 universities and 6 senior high schools. Below are the list of some of the universities and schools in America, Britain, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and more.
72 Universities in America
(72 Total)
1.Case Western Reserve University
2.University of Cincinnati
3.James Madison University
4.Clemson University
5.Marquette University
6.University of Massachusetts
7.State University of New York
8.Roosevelt University
78 Universities in Britain
(78 Total)
1.University of Nottingham
2.University of Bath
3.University of Essex
4.Goldsmiths University of London
5.The University of York
6.Liverpool University
7.University of Birmingham
8.University of Glasgow
9.The University of Sheffield
3 Universities in New Zealand
1.Auckland University of Technology
2.Massey University
3.University of Auckland
18 Universities in Asia
(18 Total)
1.Korea University
2.Kyung Hee University
3.Yonsei University
4.Ewha Womans University
5.J. F. Oberlin University
22 Universities in Australia
(22 Total)
1.Australian National University
2.University of Western Australia
3.University of Sydney
High Schools Overseas
1.Rowland Hall, Utah, America
2.Notre Dame High School, California, America
3.Queen of Peace High School, New Jersey, America
4.Lester B. Pearson School Board
5.Muncie Central High School, Indiana, America
6.Pate’s Grammar School, Britain