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Featured Courses
Academic Courses
Academic Awards
Partner Institutions
Specialty Sports Courses
Options include[Let’s start the same way the first paragraph starts, who is we?] Chinese dance, aerobics, jazz dance, Latin dance, street dance, gymnastics, Wushu, billiards, basketball, golf, yoga, tennis, table tennis, badminton, professional fitness training, Taekwondo, volleyball, and football. The specialty sports courses are a great way for students to work on their physical strength, enhance physical fitness, practice perseverance, and develop students' confidence.
Chinese Dance
By taking the Chinese dance course, you can not only improve your physique, but also increase your charisma, enhance physical fitness and strength, develop perseverance, self-confidence, imagination and intelligence, and cultivate your mind!
It is the one subject that encompasses four fields of sports, literature, education, and medicine. Join Aerobics!
Jazz dance enables you to express yourself by completely freeing your body as well as your mind!
People experienced in Latin dance easily stand out from the crowd thanks to their unique and unparalleled charisma. You simply cannot take your eyes off them!
Basketball isn't just a sport that you can enjoy -- it shows people what you are made of!
It is a sport that has one of the closest relationship with the nature. It allows you to discover your true self.
Martial Arts
Martial arts = Chinese Kung Fu = Wong Fei-hung, Yip Man and Bruce Lee ...[I think this is funny, but I am not sure it follows the other descriptions…]
The game of billiards is a competition of one's control of mind and muscles. Throughout the few hours played you need to maintain concentration at the highest level despite the external distractions. Gradually your concentration skills will improve.
Ancient Indians believe that man and god can become one. They incorporate varied practices into daily life and discipline themselves via morals and gestures that symbolize the neglect of oneself and the religious duties. They have neither lust nor desire. They discover the creation of the universe and Mother Nature via the form of meditation.
As a sport that is deemed, "prestigious, graceful and cultivated," tennis has won the reputation of a sport for the graceful. People often talk about the elegance and grace of the sport.
Table tennis
In China table tennis is regarded as the, "national sport," so as a citizen of China you really can't say "I don't know how to play!"
In the USA there is a famous saying, "nowadays as long as you know how to play badminton, you've already acquired the skills to make a living!"
Professional fitness training
This course enables you to develop a healthy and beautiful physique. Wherever you go, you will be able to walk with nice posture and face everything confidently.
Taekwondo, also known as TKD, is a thrilling and addictive Olympic sport that enables you to improve your fitness, develop self-defense skills, and show your unique personality!
The sport that showcases the players' positive attitude, bright personality, free-spirited mindset, and the pursuit of putting on a good show!
Football makes you confident, and we hope you'll make Chinese Football proud one day!
Street dance
If you want to free yourself from the constraints of fixed style and pattern, then street dance is your best choice!
Body-shaping workout
If you are looking for a balance between elegant physique and inner gracefulness, come and join our body-shaping workout courses.