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Featured Courses
Academic Courses
Academic Awards
Partner Institutions
Specialty Fine Arts Courses
We [Same thing as other two paragraphs.]offer courses in comics, sketch drawing, calligraphy, classical Chinese painting, pottery, and photography. These courses facilitate student development to the greatest extent by nurturing their interest in Fine Arts. In these courses students cultivate an aesthetic taste, enrich their mind, and achieve creativity that matches their individuality.
Comics can become a kind of spiritual sustenance, whether you are happy or sad, depressed or excited, you can find concrete expression in comics.
Sketch Drawing
Sketch is not only the basis of all painting techniques, but also the basis for a variety of art forms. You won't get far in painting without it!
Calligraphy can enrich your mind and fosters self-cultivation. It allows you to achieve a great frame of mind and connect with the universe. You can obtain noble spirit and profound erudition. The connection of heaven and earth enlightens you. The essence of the nature nourishes you enabling your inspiration to flow as if divinely sourced.
Classical Chinese Painting
Classical Chinese painting encompasses Chinese culture, aesthetics and philosophy. It is a must to master if you consider yourself to be a cultured person!
Human beings are born with a natural instinct of using clay, an intimate material that connects you with nature. Our pottery classes allow you to be your true self and work with your hands!
A good pair of eyes catches beauty and beautiful things. Photography captures the beauty you see!