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        • Tianma Experimental Junior High School
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        • Hailiang Arts High School
      • Xinchang
        • Nanrui Experimental Primary School
        • Nanrui Experimental Junior High School
    • Jiangxi Province
      • Nanchang
        • The High School of Maqiu in Nanchang
        • Nanchang Baishu School
        • Nanchang Foreign Language Gaoxin School
        • Nanchang Baishu Education Group Jiulixianghucheng School
        • Nanchang Jiulixianghu Kindergarten
        • Nanchang Shiguang Angel Kindergarten
        • East Lake Sijihuacheng Kindergarten
        • Baishu Angel City&Fenghuang Kindergarten
      • Yichun
        • Yichun Baishu Foreign Language School
        • Yichun Baishu Foreign Language School(Xuefu Campus)
        • Yichun Baishu Angel City&Bilingual Kindergarten
        • Yichun Baishu Angel City&Bilingual Kindergarten(Xuefu Campus)
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        • Xiantao NO.1 Junior High School
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        • Anhui Hailiang Forengin Language School
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Featured Courses
Academic Courses
Academic Awards
Partner Institutions
Specialty Enrichment Courses
These include [Start the same way as the others.]physical training, language performance, mental health, Hui Gong grid calligraphy, fun half-day community activities, maker culture workshop, wisdom education, Japanese college entrance examination preparation, rugby and social etiquette. The courses are a great introduction for students to develop new interests and hobbies and to enhance students' intelligence and moral character. They also foster physical development and enhance the student's mind while shaping talent and laying the foundation for further education.
If you are confident enough, the runway is your best platform to showcase your beauty!
The Little Compere
Language is the basis of all art forms -- the art of compering is all about speaking well!
Go Game
In Go Game, black and white symbolizes Yin and Yang, and the horizontal and vertical lines represent heaven and earth. The Go Game awaits you to discover the truth about life!
Hong Kong and Taiwan Literature
Join us to read literary works from Hong Kong and Taiwan and feel the charm of the masters. Reading classic literature enlightens your life.
English Drama
Our life is a stage, we must be ready for our future performances. Join us to participate in performance and gain self-confidence. Our English Drama sessions give you the opportunity to experience life!
International chess
There is a saying that goes, "although the border on the board is only a few inches wide, the thinking on both sides is infinite." Chess is indeed a battle of strategies: "playing chess is like arranging forces in war and moving a piece is commanding a soldier"![When quotes are used, do we want to also include authors or sources?]
Land Battle Chess
If you are looking for the thrill of leading your troops to fight against a worthy opponent, then Land Battle Chess is perfect for you!
Flash production
Mastering Flash will enable you to level up and become a "guru" in Computing!
Second Foreign Language Courses
Want to become more intelligent? Want to acquire multi-tasking skills? Want to improve your memory and become more insightful? Join our second foreign language classes!