Student organizations
3C Printing Association
To Challenge, Cooperation, Convenient for the purpose of founding, for the entire school teachers and students to provide photo printing services.
King stationery supply and Marketing Corporation
Stationery supply and marketing association is based on the delivery of door-to-door services to a community, while students can also go to Cambridge F classroom purchase. Everyone in the class has his or her own duties. Every job has a corresponding remuneration. There are four departments: finance department, logistics department, purchasing department and propaganda department.
Cambridge students moot court
In the United States and Europe as a model, combined with the actual situation of the division and special design. Members of the court are composed of the presiding judge (Chief Judge), the jury (Jury), the lawyer (Lawyer) and the Secretary (Court Clerk). The purpose is to provide students with a complaint platform, to train students' activities and organizational capabilities, to improve students' speculative ability, to guide and observe the rules, and to safeguard people's rights by using rules.
HFLS Basketball Club
HFLS basketball club gathered many basketball fans, by offering a variety of basketball activities, promote the development of students' personality, enrich students' extracurricular cultural life, improve the health of the students, to cultivate students' self participation, self management, innovation and improvement of comprehensive ability.
HFLS Food Club
By learning how to make and sell food in practice, promoting hands-on skills and communication skills, students develop healthy eating habits and allow members to learn deeply about how parents take care of their families.
HFLS Japanese agency
The HFLS Japanese language club teaches students basic everyday conversations and lets students learn about Japanese culture through Japanese television, music, anime, tea ceremony, and food.