special services and facilities

The school has the first-class teaching facilities, the international standard classroom configuration, and has the classrooms, multi-purpose classrooms, science laboratories, computer classrooms, classrooms, classrooms, taekwondo dance piano classroom and calligraphy classroom, classroom robot and sound, beauty and work, special classroom more than 20; in the sports district has built multifunctional gymnasium, 400 meters of plastic track, basketball and gymnastics venue with 900 seats, the audience of the swimming pool facilities, hardware application system and the application of international standards arena.

The environment and living facilities, one of the nine for teachers and students to provide safe, Hailiang, accommodation, catering, teaching activities, experience, culture, medical, transportation, life support services:

medical and safety facilities

To provide medical examinations and medical services for teachers and students at the facilities of grade two hospital;

sound fire control network, 360 degree campus monitoring, full coverage management and control system and security command center.